The SunPower Advantage

You deserve the best solar products available, that’s why we use SunPower®.

SunPower® leads with best-in-class technology, resulting in the most efficient solar panels available in the world (and more savings for you). And with a 25 year warranty, no panel delivers peace of mind like SunPower®.


Equinox solar cells have an incredibly unique design that not only generates energy more efficiently, it creates a more durable system – outlasting its competitors. From the Cell material to the tracking software, SunPower has beautifully crafted every aspect of the Equinox platform to work seamlessly together in your home or business.

SunPower changed the game for solar.


SunPower changed the game for solar through the development of their own Maxeon Technology.

By removing grid lines from the front of the cell, SunPower was able to create panels that capture more light than conventional cells. In fact, the unmatched design allows your system to be 38% more efficient overall.

We realize it’s not enough to create an efficient design, the cells also need to last. While many competitors offer a weak cell foundation that easily cracks, the Maxeon Technology implements a copper backing making it nearly impossible for your cells to corrode. The design also incorporates thick cell connectors so that together with the stronger copper material, SunPower has eliminated 85% of cell failure possibilities. To top it off, all of this innovative technology is encased in a highly durable and anti-reflective polymer glass, giving your panels their beautiful finish. Now there’s no need to fear harsh weather conditions, because where other cells might quickly break down, your SunPower cells will triumphantly withstand the elements.


No Grid Lines on Front of Cell
Maxeon cells absorb more sunlight and look incredible on roof.
Solid Copper Backing
Our thick copper foundation adds massive strength and is almost impervious to corrosion.
Thick Connectors
Expanding and contracting from daily temperature swings are no problem with our built-in strain relief.
Lines of Metal Paste on Front of Cell
Power output drops as the thin paste reflects light and corrodes.
Even More Metal Paste on Back of Cell
Offers no strength. Cell can crack and lose power when exposed to temperature swings.
Thin, Weak, Connections
Lose just one of these narrow ribbons and the entire cell fails.


Want an easy way to track how much your system is saving you?


SunPower provides you with a complete dashboard to track your daily energy use. This shows you just how much power your solar panels are producing, and how much energy your home is using. You can even check your savings from any device. By following your net usage, you can see the powerful daily impact your solar system has.