Solar Gadgets: Solar-Powered Fun and Quirky


In the final installment of our Solar Gadgets series, we’re energized (pun intended) about combining work and play. Today we’re taking a look at some of the fun and quirky solar gadgets that are out there. And there are PLENTY! From toys to fans, to home improvement, here are a few we thought you’d like to know about.


Welcome to gardening in the 21st century! The EDYN is a solar-powered monitor that reads the environmental conditions of your garden—like temperature, humidity, and soil moisture. What’s really cool is the app that goes with it, which matches that information with plant, weather, and soil science databases to indicate what to plant and when. It’s like green thumb 2.0.

7-in-1 Solar E-Station

From the UK, this science kit allows children to make 6 different vehicles that can attach to a “tanker” solar charging station. The kit contains a variety of vehicles, from a race car to a truck, that is all capable of storing energy from the “tanker” in only 4 ~ 25 seconds.


Solar Visor Fan

Warning: High dork factor! This quirky solar gadget attaches to the front of any cap or visor bill, giving you a nice breeze on a hot day. The solar panel is above your hat bill, allowing it to access the most sun, while the fan blows directly on your face. Go for it! We dare you to wear this to a Yankees game!


Firefly Backyard Lights

If you’re looking to add a mystical feel to your outdoor lighting scheme, look no further than these firefly lights. These LED lights are the same size and color as the Photinus firefly and run on solar power! These particular lights have been deemed so lifelike that zoos, museums, and theme parks are all using them. They’ve even been used in university field research to track actual fireflies! Aside from that, your backyard is going to look really cool!


Quad Interactive Toy

Move over Tamagotchi, Quad is the next generation’s lifestyle simulation toy. Quad uses solar and wind energy to sustain its life level. The user is responsible for keeping Quad alive by keeping it charged at all times. Through Bluetooth technology which synchronizes data to an online game, children are able to compete in who best sustains their Quad through advancing game levels. The holidays may be a while away, but this sure seems like a great gift idea. Better bookmark it now!


While these gadgets may seem quirky for now, and as we continue to embrace solar power for all its capabilities, we will begin to see more and more everyday products evolve into the next generation.