The Millbury Solar Farm

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Located at 442 Greenwood street, Millbury is clocking in at 1.4 MW. The solar farm in the photo above is currently open for customers in National Grid WCMA load zone who can capitalize on a portion of the power produced by the array!

Half of our renewable energy recipients will be from a local college, and the remaining openings will be available to members of the community who are customers of National Grid. Continue reading below for details explaining how community solar works, and how to apply!


1400 kW










September, 2018


Millbury residents must meet the following requirements to be eligible:

  • Provide a scanned copy or picture of your National Grid utility bill
  • Own your home
  • Have a credit score of 680+


Program participation is a 20-year commitment1



Participants will be purchasing community solar power starting at a discount to the credit they will see on their utility bill2.  See FAQ for example.


Developers like Green Street build large solar "farms" capable of generating power for hundreds of homes

The energy produced by the solar farm is sent to the electrical grid

1 share = 1,000 kWh/year. You may purchase any number of shares up to 95% of your annual energy consumption




1. You may opt out of the program without penalty fees if 6 months notice is given to [email protected], or if you find a replacement for your slot. If less than 6 months notice is given or a replacement it not found, you will be responsible for paying 6 months cost of participation.

2. If you purchase your basic service from a retail supplier, you must be billed for that supply on your National Grid bill in order to receive the community solar credit on your utility bill. We will check your bill for you.


What are the benefits?
By opting into community solar, you’re supporting the use of green energy which reduces CO2 emissions, having an overall positive impact on the environment. Plus, program participants save money each year.

How much will I save?
You will save 10% on your utility bill.

How much power can I buy?
You can opt to purchase shares approximately equal to either 50% or 95% of your annual consumption. Each share is = 1,000 kWh

Ex: If you used 6,500 kWh last year, and you select 95%, you will be eligible to purchase six, 1,000 kWh shares

6,500 kWh x 0.95 = 6,175 kWh  -->  6,175 / 1000 --> 6 shares*

*Partial shares are not available for purchase

Will I have two bills now? 
Yes. You will continue to receive your utility bill from National Grid, then you will also receive a fixed monthly bill from GSPP for the solar shares you have purchased, starting at $0.11/kWh.

Where do I see the credit?
You will see a credit on your utility bill each month. Please note that although your monthly payment to GSPP is fixed, your monthly utility bill credit will fluctuate, depending on how much power the system produces (more in the summer, less in the winter). Rest assured that you will receive full credit for the amount of power you have purchased. We will reconcile your bills and your solar credits annually to make sure that you have received full credit for what you have paid in your contract.

Do I own panels?
You don’t own any panels, Green Street Power Partners owns the panels. 

How does my home use the solar power / how does the solar power come to my home?
The power actually doesn’t go directly to your home.

What does it cost to participate?
There is no enrollment fee, you simply pay for the power you will be using.

What are the qualifications / requirements for participating?

  1. You must be a current National Grid customer in the same load zone as Millbury (we will know after looking at your utility bill)
  2. Your credit score must be 680+*
  3. You must own your home

*GSPP needs your authorization to perform a hard pull of your credit score

How many people can participate 
There are 900 shares of 1,000 kWh/year available. When that is exhausted, we will create a waiting list. 

How do I sign up?
To participate, you must sign up on this page. Program participation is operating on a first come first served basis. Once the program shares are filled, we will begin adding names to a waiting list.

When does the program start?
The start of the program is dependent upon the completion of the solar system. You can tentatively expect to receive your first bill in November, 2018.

If I enroll, how long am I committed to the program?
Program participation will last 20 years. 

What if I move?
If you move during your period of participation outside of the National Grid load zone, you will be opted out of the program. If you move within the same load zone, you can transfer your shares, as long as they don't exceed 90% of your new annual consumption. Email [email protected] to leave the program or transfer.

If I change my mind about participating, can I leave the program?
If you decide you would like to leave the program or if you move outside of the National Grid load zone, you must give 6 months notice, or find a participant to replace you, to avoid a penalty fee. If you do not give 6 months notice or find a replacement, you are responsible for paying 6 months of contract cost.


To participate in the program, complete the sign-up form below (there's no cost to sign-up). You will be asked to upload a copy of your National Grid bill and authorize us to check your credit score.


Residents who participate in the community solar program pay for the power allotted to them at a rate less than the credit you receive on your bill


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