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With the price of solar falling more than 70% over the last 5 years, businesses of every type and size are embracing solar energy to reduce operating costs and increase profitability. Business owners in the northeast pay among the highest electric rates in the country, and solar gives them a powerful tool to drive down and potentially eliminate electric costs. By going solar, savvy business owners (who own their real estate), commercial landlords, and even long-term commercial tenants will see multiple benefits:

JCC on the Hudson Goes Solar

Check out the live time-lapse of their solar construction.

JCC on the Hudson

We saw solar power as a way to accomplish a number of things at once. We could save money on our energy costs so that more of our membership and fundraising dollars could be spent on programming and enhancing the member experience at the JCC. It would allow us to reduce our carbon footprint by using a renewable energy source. Plus, we had a unique opportunity to lead our community by example; to walk the walk, not just talk about our responsibility to care for our planet and our environment. Tikkun Olam is a central Jewish value. It means ‘Repair the World.'
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Old Sturbridge Village

Old Sturbridge Village plays a critical role in the Northeast by keeping the rich history of our region alive. That's why joining the renewable energy movement is so important to us. We're reducing our electricity expenses, and in turn putting those savings back into the museum to make sure we're able to continue providing a robust and affordable educational experience to all of our visitors.
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Attleboro School District

We are thrilled about going solar with Green Street. Not only will the district save millions over the life of the system, but we're having a positive impact on the environment, and setting a great example for our nearly 6,000 students.
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Methods Machine Tools

We have a large, unshaded metal roof on the Methods Machine Tools production and showroom facility. Green Street approached us about doing a project, and when we evaluated the savings, it was a very easy decision to move forward. We get electric savings and roof lease payments for twenty five years, and paid nothing out of pocket, what’s not to like? At the heart of it, Methods Machine Tools is a technology company, so it makes sense to for us to embrace solar. And the team at Green Street are real pros. They were a pleasure to work with.
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Forest Building Supply

After talking to Green Street Solar Power, the decision to go Solar was a no-brainer. Everyone was friendly and their dedication to meeting all of our needs was wonderful. We loved working with their team and recommend anyone looking to put solar on their business to definitely choose Green Street!
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Roadway Moving and Storage
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DeCicco and Sons

With our new store in Larchmont, we are presenting our customers and employees with a new paradigm in the supermarket shopping experience: a store that incorporates intelligent energy-efficiency and on-site clean and green renewable energy, every minute, every day.
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Owners Corporation
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Industrial Plastics
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