Solar Myth #2: I Will Never Receive a Return on Investment
February 20, 2015
In last week’s Solar Myth’s post, we discussed the common belief that solar is too expensive. We hope that we successfully convinced you that it is, in fact, not. After
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7 Most Frequently Asked Questions When Going Solar
February 17, 2015
1. What are the costs of a solar system? The cost of solar varies depending on the amount of energy you wish to produce. However, the installation is the only
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Solar Myth #1: Home Solar is Too Expensive
February 13, 2015
  Here at Green Street Solar Power, we have decided to clear up any confusion that surrounds investing in solar. There are many myths out there, so we’re taking it
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5 Steps to Going Solar for Homes
February 5, 2015
Ever thought about adding solar to your home but weren’t sure where to start? Here at Green Street Solar Power, we’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide on how to
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